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Do you think your child may have a learning disability or related neurodevelopmental disorder? 


Do you have a child that you are concerned may have a neurodevelopmental or psychiatric disorder such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or Bipolar Disorder?


Are you concerned that you or a loved one may have emotional and related psychological/psychiatric issues interfering with life functioning and satisfaction? 


Are you an adult who is concerned you may have an undiagnosed learning disability or related neurocognitive disorder, or a psychiatric disorder that may require a combination of medication and psychotherapy interventions?


Are you an adult who would like to pursue psychological counseling to affectively address emotional concerns or life difficulties?


Do you have a child or adolescent that you believe would benefit from psychological counseling to address emotional concerns, behavioral difficulties, or problems with social functioning?


Are you an adult considering the need for psychopharmacological (medication) interventions to address emotional concerns such as depression, anxiety disorders and panic disorder, mood disorders, and attentional problems?


Is your child's school system, your doctor, or a college recommending comprehensive assessments to address possible psychological, neurodevelopmental, or learning concerns? 


Are you in need of supportive educational, legal, consultation, or advocacy services?

                   Dr. Frank E. Vargo

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The Fireside Center
for Psychological and Educational Services

The Fireside Center is a Massachusetts and New England based (USA) clinic that provides direct and consultative services to individuals and families, mental health clinics and hospitals, social service agencies, colleges and universities, and court and legal systems.

Learning & Teaching International, Inc.
Learning & Teaching International is a United States based international organization developed for and working towards the advancement of integrated applied practice, research, and teaching in the fields of educational and clinical psychology, developmental and school neuropsychology, learning disabilities and special education, teaching and learning practice and pedagogy, brain-based learning and educationally applied cognitive neuroscience, higher education, and educational and curriculum program design and development.







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