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Meet Dr. Vargo

              Frank E. Vargo, Ed.D. 

                            Dr. Vargo is a:

Licensed Psychologist  License #6693   
Commonwealth of Massachusetts (USA)                                        

Registered Health Service Provider
Commonwealth of Massachusetts (USA) 

Licensed School Psychologist
Commonwealth of Massachusetts (USA)

Nationally Certified School Psychologist
NCSP Certification # 18985

Licensed Educational Psychologist
Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Licensed Guidance Counselor

Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Licensed School
Adjustment Counselor
Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Licensed School Social Worker
Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Licensed Music Educator
Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Dr. Frank E. Vargo is a licensed psychologist and registered health service provider, a clinical and developmental neuropsychologist, and a licensed school and educational psychologist.  He is an internationally recognized expert in the inter-disciplinary fields of learning disabilities and special education, applied clinical and educational psychology, neurodevelopmental disorders and related clinical syndromes, and clinical child psychology and development.  Dr. Vargo is also a highly respected child, adult, and family therapist, as well as a licensed educator, counselor, and clinical and educational administrator and supervisor. 

Professor Vargo is a credentialed psychologist at the University of Massachusetts Medical School (USA), and he has held past academic appointments for graduate programs in psychology, education, and clinical mental health counseling. 

Dr. Vargo is the executive director and senior clinician for the Fireside Center Clinic for Psychological and Educational Services (USA), and he is the Chief Executive Officer for the Learning and Teaching International organization.

Dr. Vargo is a Staff Clinical Psychologist and Clinic Practice Associate at the Island Counseling Center in Worcester, Massachusetts.   Through his practice affiliation with the Island Counseling Center, adults and adolescents with a range of psychiatric issues and concerns (such as Depression, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Panic Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, and related psychiatric disabilities) can access psychiatric/medication interventions in conjunction with ongoing psychotherapy services, while utilizing most major private and public insurances.  


Under Dr. Vargo’s leadership, the Fireside Center Clinic and the Learning & Teaching International organization maintain a partnership with the University of Massachusetts Medical School and the UMass Medical School’s Disability Evaluation Services, in conjunction with the Massachusetts Department of Transitional Assistance, to perform disability determinations for recipients of the department’s TANF program, the Transitional Aid to Families With Dependent Children.

The University of Massachusetts Medical School Learning Disability Assessment Program, in conjunction with the Fireside Center Clinic and the Learning & Teaching International organization and other agencies, provides services to individuals in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts who qualify for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) and who may have undiagnosed learning disabilities that may impact on capacities to obtain work and retain employment.


Dr. Vargo is also a well respected author and research scientist, who is widely published in the fields of psychology, education, counseling, and learning disabilities.  He is a consulting editor for several professional peer reviewed clinical and educational journals, and he is on the board of directors for the Learning Disabilities Worldwide organization. In those related professional capacities, Dr. Vargo has presented extensively at professional and international conferences over the past twenty years, including a recent keynote speaker presentation in Venice, Italy and a recent international educational conference presentation in London, United Kingdom.                    


Dr. Vargo's recently published book, 

Neurodevelopmental Disorders: A Definitive Guide for Educators (published by W.W. Norton & Company) is currently selling worldwide and is internationally acknowledged as an important contribution to interdisciplinary professional educational, clinical, and medical fields and associations.

Dr. Vargo has also held appointments with the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education as a Special Education Advisory Council Member (appointed by the Commissioner of Education), and as a committee member involved in the development of eligibility guidelines for special education in Massachusetts.


Dr. Vargo has also been a Professional Affiliate & Supervising Associate for the Hubert Humphrey International Fellowship Program, a component of the Institute of International Education in Washington D.C.  In that capacity, Dr. Vargo has provided direct professional training and formal supervision in areas of psychology, school psychology, and education/special education within the context of an international fellowship program with the United States government and a participating nation and national educational and health programs.

Dr. Vargo has also been a practicing school psychologist with many years of direct experience in public and private school systems.  He has provided extensive direct professional supervision and training to school psychologists throughout the New England area. 


Dr. Vargo’s educational credentials include; a Doctorate in Applied Educational Psychology and School Psychology (with concentrations in Learning Disabilities and Child Development); current/ongoing doctoral studies towards completion of a doctorate in educational leadership, three additional graduate degrees in psychology and education that encompass clinical and educational psychology, school psychology, clinical/developmental neuropsychology, learning disabilities, and educational leadership and administration; a bachelor’s degree in music education and music performance (Berklee College of Music, Boston, MA/USA); and formal post-doctoral training in clinical psychology, neuropsychology (clinical, developmental, and school neuropsychology), and educational administration (special educational administration). 


Dr. Vargo’s post-doctoral neuropsychology training partially occurred within the context of his appointment as a Staff Psychologist/Clinical & Developmental Neuropsychologist at the North Shore Children’s Hospital Salem, Massachusetts (1995-2004).  His responsibilities in that position included: comprehensive neuropsychological, cognitive, emotional, and educational evaluations; clinical and counseling interventions to children and adolescents; consultation to parents, school systems, and medical personnel. This position also provided ongoing intensive training in developmental and clinical neuropsychology, as well as ongoing training in the assessment and treatment of learning disabilities and neuropsychological disorders of children, adolescents, and adults.  In addition to his tenure at North Shore Children's Hospital, Dr. Vargo also completed a post-doctoral master’s degree in Clinical Psychology with a dual concentration in School Neuropsychology and Clinical Child Development, with a secondary concentration in Special Education.


Dr. Vargo’s Academic Degrees 


with concentrations in 


Post-Doctoral Internship/Training in
Applied Clinical Psychology


Internship in

Applied Educational Psychology     



Springfield, Massachusetts (USA)              





DOCTOR OF  PHILOSOPHY (Ph.D. candidate) 
Major:  Educational Leadership              
Simmons College   Boston MA  (USA)


Concentration:  School Psychology (60 graduate credits)


Dual Concentrations:

Clinical Developmental Neuropsychology and Developmental Science
Special Education: Clinical Practice and Administration




Concentration:  Guidance and Counseling



Concentrations:  Music Education & Music Performance




Dr. Vargo holds the following professional licenses, credentials, and appointments:

Licensed Psychologist (Commonwealth of Massachusetts)

Registered Health Service Provider (Commonwealth of Massachusetts)

National Provider (Psychologist) National Plan and Provider Numeration System (USA)

Nationally Certified School Psychologist (National Association of School Psychologists)

Licensed Educational Psychologist (Massachusetts, USA)

Licensed School Psychologist (MA/USA Department of Elementary & Secondary Education)

Licensed Guidance Counselor (MA/USA Department of Elementary & Secondary Education)
Licensed School Social Worker (MA/USA Department of Elementary & Secondary Education)

Licensed School Adjustment Counselor (MA Department of Elementary & Secondary Education)

Licensed Music Educator (MA/USA Department of Elementary & Secondary Education)

Fellow in Psychology & Member (Massachusetts Psychological Association)

Member: American Psychological Association

Member: National Association of School Psychologists

Member: Massachusetts Neuropsychological Society

Member: Massachusetts Teachers Association

Former Board of Directors Member: Learning Disabilities Worldwide

Professional Affiliate & Supervising Associate: Hubert Humphrey International Program

Consulting Editorial Board Member: Insights on Learning Disabilities (Journal)

Consulting Editor: Learning Disabilities: A Contemporary Journal

Massachusetts/USA Special Education Advisory Council Member (DESE)

Committee Member: Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education

Former Elected School Committee Member (Leominster, MA/USA)

Former Staff Neuropsychologist at North Shore Medical Center in Salem, MA


Some of Dr. Vargo’s
International Awards include:   

Citation from the Massachusetts
House of Representatives

 Citation Reads:
"Be it known to all that the
Massachusetts House of Representatives
offers its sincerest congratulations to
Frank E. Vargo, Ed.D. in recognition of your untiring efforts and commitment
to improving the quality of life for our youth, adolescents, and adults through your skills
and knowledge in Educational, Clinical, and School Psychology, as well in music and the martial arts".
Given this 14th day of September, 2012
At the State House in Boston, Massachusetts

by: Robert A DeLea  Speaker of the House
       Dennis A. Rosa  State Representative

Clinical Psychologist
       of the Year                      
World Sports Medicine Hall of Fame
March 25, 2000 in Akron, Ohio


Sport Psychologist
      of the Year

World Sports Medicine Hall of Fame
March, 2001 in Akron, Ohio


Educator of the Year

United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame
July, 2003 in Dallas, Texas


Humanitarian of the Year
United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame
July, 2003 in Dallas, Texas

Ethel S. Blake Teaching Fellowship
Honored Recipient:
Three Consecutive Years (9/89 - 6/92)
American International College 
Springfield, Massachusetts


Dr. Vargo also expresses his educational interests and contributions as a professional musician/music educator with a degree in music education and performance from the Berklee College of Music (Boston, USA), and as a professional martial arts instructor.  In regard to his musical pursuits, Dr. Vargo is an accomplished pianist (jazz/classical), bassist (double bass/electric bass), cellist, guitarist, composer, and teacher.  He is a licensed music educator in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (USA).


In the world of martial arts, Dr. Vargo is an internationally recognized martial arts grandmaster who holds a 9th degree black belt in Onko Chishin Do Kenpo Karate, a 9th degree black belt in Koryu Chiedo Ryu Aiki Jujutsu, a 6th degree black belt in Washiza Ryu Aikido, a second degree black belt and instructor's license in Kyohan Shotokan Karate Do, a 1st degree black belt in Kumiuchu Ryu Jujitsu, instructor (Sifu) status in Sil Lum Kung Fu and T’ai Chi Chuan, and black belts in other various traditional martial arts systems. 

Dr. Vargo resides in Leominster, Massachusetts (USA), with his wife and practice associate Cindy Pirro Vargo.



Contact information: 

Dr. Frank E. Vargo

162 Exchange Street

Leominster, MA  01453

e-mail:  [email protected]

(978) 534-2930
(The Fireside Center)






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