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Rates & Insurance


Effective July 1, 2015 The rates listed below apply to clinical and educational case




Cost:  $225.00

The initial consultation will involve a meeting with potential clients with Fireside Center staff, which will involve discussion of clinical and educational concerns and questions, and a detailed history of the issues and problems in consideration. The initial consultation will include a presentation and discussion of various options and packages for diagnostic assessments to potential clients.  If determined to be the most appropriate initial course of action to most appropriately and beneficially meet the needs and concerns of a specific case, initial consultation clients will also be provided with potential referrals to other clinical and educational professionals who may be more appropriate for services that are assessed to be needed and most appropriate (for instance, a consultation process may guide a client to other counselors and therapists with various clinical specialties, medical/hospital services, speech-language professionals, etc.).

All diagnostic clinical and educational evaluations will include a record review of past clinical and educational records, and a comprehensive written report that includes relevant background information, score interpretation, recommendations, and diagnosis (if applicable).  Self-pay clients will also be provided with a follow-up feedback session (face-to-face or telephone conference) during which results of the testing and recommendations are reviewed and all questions addressed.




Cost:  $3,000.00

A neuropsychological evaluation will involve a very comprehensive and (if diagnostically appropriate) educationally based and relevant neuropsychological and neurodevelopmental assessment of all major areas of intellectual and cognitive functioning, learning and memory, and executive functions.  Other areas of possible differential diagnosis and/or co-morbid psychological/psychiatric conditions can be included in a comprehensive neuropsychological evaluation based on case specific diagnostic questions and investigations, such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

In regard to differential diagnosis of possible alternate or co-morbid psychological/psychiatric disorders such as mood disorders (e.g. depression and anxiety disorders) and specific learning disabilities, additional psychological testing and related clinical diagnostic procedures may be necessary in addition to neuropsychological and neurodevelopmental testing.  If such additional assessment proceedings are determined to be necessary to appropriately and thoroughly address and answer clinical diagnostic questions specific to a case, an additional $1,000 cost will be added to the initial cost of a neuropsychological evaluation.  If more comprehensive educational testing is determined to be necessary to clarify diagnostic questions specific learning disabilities in reading, writing, and/or math, an additional $1,000 cost will be added to the initial cost of a neuropsychological evaluation.


Learning Disability Evaluation

Cost:  $2,000.00

Neurodevelopmentally Based Assessment of Potential Reading Disabilities (Dyslexia), Disorders of Written Language (Dysgraphia), and Specific Disabilities of Mathematics (Dysgraphia)

Administration of academic and cognitive tests appropriate to each case, as well as behavior and/or learning scales if also deemed appropriate.

Academic and academic achievement testing will include a comprehensive assessment of all major areas of reading determined to be appropriate for each case, including phonological processing capacities, word decoding, word automaticity and reading fluency, and various areas of reading comprehension.

Educational testing will also include a comprehensive assessment of all major areas of written language appropriate to each case, including writing areas involving applied vocabulary and spelling knowledge, applied knowledge of grammar and punctuation rules, syntax and grammar structures, and general organizational writing skills.

Educational testing will also include a comprehensive assessment of all major areas of mathematics appropriate to each case, including math calculation skills and knowledge and multiple areas of applied math reasoning, problem solving, and understanding.

Review of past educational and relevant educational and clinical records as provided andneeded.

Comprehensive and detailed written report that includes background information, interpretation of scores, recommendations, and diagnosis (if applicable).

Feedback session during which results of the testing and recommendations are reviewed.

Psychological Evaluation

Cost:  $2,000.00

To address diagnostic questions involving possible psychological/psychiatric disorders such as depression and anxiety disorders, Bipolar Disorder, childhood behavioral disorders, and personality disorders.

Will include administration of various psychological and personality evaluations appropriate for each case.

May include various Behavioral, Emotional, and Functional Rating Scales as determined to be relevant and diagnostically necessary for each individual case.

May include a comprehensive review of past records as provided and needed.

Will include a comprehensive written report with relevant background information, symptom reporting, clinical interpretations, recommendations, and diagnosis (if applicable).


Attendance at School Meeting  $150/hour

(Includes time in the meeting. Travel time billed at $50.00 per hour)

Attendance at school/educational meeting to discuss results of testing, recommendations, implications for potential special education or 504 plan/IEP, and/or other issues.



(Specific to United States Based Medical Insurances)

 If you are interested in utilizing health insurance options to pay fully or partially for clinical and/or educational diagnostic services at the Fireside Center, all potential clients need to:


Discuss with us prior to any diagnostic proceedings as to which insurances our    clinic are currently accepting.  This can be accomplished through a brief initial e-mail contact or phone conversation, free of charge.


Investigate with your insurance company what clinical and educational assessment diagnostic services will be covered under your current policy.


All potential U.S. clients need to be advised that health insurance plans differ greatly in how much, if any, clinical and educational diagnostic assessment time and procedures they will cover.  Insurance companies may only pay for a partial amount of the time needed to do a clinically thorough evaluation and report to thoroughly investigate many diagnostic questions and concerns.  Most insurance companies will not pay for any educationally based testing, such as various assessments of reading, written language, and mathematics or any other educationally and school based services.

Given the realities of United States based medical insurances in regard to psychological, neuropsychological, and educationally based assessments, all potential clients should be prepared to pay for additional out-of-pocket costs that a given health insurance will not cover specific to each case, to appropriately address case-specific diagnostic and clinical educational questions.  All concerns and options will be discussed and agreed upon for each case before any testing services begin, so that each potential client can make an informed decision about proceeding with our services or exploring other options. 







Please contact us with questions regarding which health care plans we may be able to use, and if we are currently accepting your plan.  Then, please check your specific coverage carefully by asking the following questions:

  • Do I have mental health insurance benefits?
  • Does my insurance pay for various aspects of psychological, neuropsychological, and educational testing?
  • How many sessions per year does my health insurance cover, in regard to therapy and consultation services?
  • What is the coverage amount per therapy and/or consultation session?
  • Is approval required from my primary care physician?

Cash and check accepted for payment.

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