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Services Provided

The Fireside Center
Comprehensive Psychological and Educational Services

   Executive Director                 Director of Educational Services
Dr. Frank E. Vargo           Cindy Pirro Vargo M. Ed.
Licensed Psychologist                       Licensed Educator

The Fireside Center in Leominster, Massachusetts is a Clinical and Educational Center that provides the following services, directly or through collaborative clinical partnerships:

Neuropsychological Testing for Learning Disabilities and Neurodevelopmental Disorders and Deficits


Comprehensive Learning Disability Evaluations for All Academic Areas


Assessment of Reading Disabilities (Dyslexia), Disorders of Written Language, and Math Disabilities



Assessment of Attention Deficit Disorder and Related Learning Problems for Children, Adolescents, and Adults

Assessment and Differential Diagnosis of Neurodevelopmental and Clinical Disorders such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, Asperger Syndrome, Nonverbal Learning Disability, Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia, and Language and Communication Disorders

Assessment of Learning Problems Related to Learning and Memory Deficits and Executive Function Problems

Psychological Testing and Clinical Assessment of Emotional and Behavioral Disorders

Psychological Assessment of Children, Adolescents, and Adults for Emotional and Behavioral At-Risk Profiles

Psychological Assessment of Adolescents and Adults for Risk Status Regarding Potential and/or Recurrent Sexual Abuse Behaviors  


Individual Therapy for Adults, Adolescents, and Children


Family Counseling and Marriage/Couples Therapy


Psychopharmacological (medication) interventions for Adults and Adolescents with diagnosed psychiatric and psychological Disorders, including Depression, Anxiety Disorders, Panic Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, and other Psychiatric Concerns.  All medication interventions are offered through the Fireside Center's and Dr. Vargo's collaborative practice with the Island Counseling Center in Worcester, Massachusetts.


Comprehensive Speech and Language Assessments and Services

Contracted Services for Assessment and Consultation to School Systems and Educational Organizations



Educational Tutoring in All Academic Areas (in conjunction with collaborative educational organizations)

 Study Skills Instruction & Educational Coaching for Students of All Ages (in conjunction with collaborative educational organizations)
 Group & Individual Coaching for Children & Adolescents with Social Skills Difficulties
 Educational Coaching for MCAS and SAT Tests (in conjunction with collaborative educational services)
 Learning Disability Advocacy Services (in conjunction with collaborative education services)
 Parent Support, Consultation, & Advocacy Services (in conjunction with collaborative educational and legal programs and organizations)
 Seminars and Workshops for Health & Wellness and Personal Growth & Development
 Professional Development Presentations
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