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The Vargo Institute of Martial Arts Science, Health, and Wellness

The Vargo Institute of Martial Arts Science,
Mind-Body Health and Wellness

          Dr. Frank E. Vargo

The Vargo Institute is an international center of higher learning that promotes applied philosophies of mind-body health and wellness, utilizing the integration of various disciplines such as mindfulness training and meditation, martial arts (Karate Do, Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Aikido, Jiu Jutsu), chi kung and Chinese medicine and health principles, sports psychology, nutrition science, and related eastern and western philosophies and wellness systems. 

A primary mission of the Vargo Institute is the preservation and transmission of ancient martial arts knowledge across martial disciplines and their related cultural, academic, and spiritual contexts.

Another mission of the Vargo Institute is the provision of a structured and internationally accepted educational framework to allow for individuals from diverse martial disciplines to continue and enhance professional training and related professional and personal growth. To that end, the Vargo Institute partners with The World Martial Arts Leadership Council to offer training experiences and ranking opportunities across many martial arts systems to practitioners at a global level.

Vargo Institute participants also include a diverse population of mental health professionals such as psychologists, social workers, teachers/educators, and related clinical practitioners, that may or may not be professional martial artists and physical education professionals.

The Vargo Institute utilizes an independent learner model, utilizing current information technology resources, independent faculty advising, and structured seminar participation. 
Institute offerings include internationally recognized martial arts programs, and a range of health and wellness programs.

          Dr. Frank E. Vargo, Soke

Dr. Frank Vargo is an internationally recognized martial arts grandmaster, who holds the following awarded and sanctioned martial arts ranks:

9th Degree Black Belt:    Onko Chishin Do
                                       Kenpo  Karate

9th Degree Black Belt:   
Koryu Chiedo Ryu
                                        Aiki JiuJutsu

6th Degree Black Belt:      Washiza Ryu Aikido

5th Degree Black Belt:    
Saigo Ha Aikijutsu

2nd Degree Black Belt:    Kyohan Shotokai  

                                     Shotokan Karate Do                                                       

1st Degree Black Belt:   Kumiuchi Ryu Jiu Jitsu

Sifu (Teacher):              
T'ai Chi Chuan

Sifu (Teacher):               Taiji Shuai Jiao 

Sifu (Teacher)                Taiji Chin Na

Sifu (Teacher)                Sil Lum Kung Fu

Ranks and titles recognized by the World Martial Arts Leadership Council, the White Crane Research Group, and the Aikido Association of America (USA).


Some of Dr. Vargo's Awards, Presented by Numerous Martial Arts and Educational Organizations Include:
      Educator of the Year                               
       Humanitarian of the Year                                                      
       Professor of Martial Arts
       Title of Shihan (Teacher of Teachers)
       Master Instructor of the Year.

Dr. Frank E. Vargo is a licensed psychologist and registered health service provider, a clinical and developmental neuropsychologist, and a licensed school and educational psychologist.  He is an internationally recognized expert in the inter-disciplinary fields of learning disabilities and special education, applied clinical and educational psychology, neurodevelopmental disorders and related clinical syndromes, and clinical child psychology and development.  Dr. Vargo is also a highly respected child, adult, and family therapist, as well as a licensed educator, counselor, and clinical and educational administrator and supervisor. 

Professor Vargo is a credentialed psychologist at the University of Massachusetts Medical School (USA), and he has held academic appointments for graduate programs in psychology, education, and clinical mental health counseling. 


Dr. Vargo is a member in good standing of the American Psychological Association and the National Association of School Psychologists, a psychology fellow for the Massachusetts Psychological Association, and a registered provider in psychology for the National Plan and Provider Numeration System (USA). 

Dr. Vargo maintains martial arts partnerships and associations with Professor/Soke John Rubiano (Kumiuchi Ryu Jujitsu, Rhode Island, USA), Soke Mark Montaquila (Washiza Ryu Aikido, Massachusetts, USA), Professor/Grandmaster Edward Paananen (American White Crane Chuan Fa/Gong Fu, Massachusetts, USA), and Professor/Master Joanne Jeneski (Tai Chi Chuan/Chi Gong, Massachusetts, USA). 

We also invite you to visit the Vargo Institute Blog at:  [email protected]



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